Monday, January 10, 2011

Silly Faces


This ones for Daddy & Uncle Travis.

Christmas ... A Little Late

The holidays are over and Tim's in Denver for the National Western Stock Show.  Kane and I are having some quality bonding time.  I am sure Tim will be amazed by all the new things that he is doing, how fast he moves, and the new teeth that are working there way in.

Christmas was good.  We celebrated early with Tim's family as we made the decision that we were going to spend a few days at my parents' in Nebraska for Christmas.  Kane got spoiled with plenty of new toys, clothes, and other gifts from the ones that love him.  Of course when you plan to travel somewhere this time of year there is always the chance of snow as was the case again this year.  However, the snow that fell in South Dakota was no where to be seen in southern Nebraska.  Quiet a change from last year when we were all snowed in.  All in the holidays were wonderful.

Kane & Santa


Cousins - Vanessa, Geoff, Izabella, & Kane

Christmas Eve

Santa left presents.

Sleeping Baby Christmas Morning.