Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Little of This and That

It's hard to believe that Kane's first birthday is only a month away and boy has be changed in the last year.  He has grown into such a character.  We are onstantly amazed by his actions.  He is now crawling around like crazy and jabbering up a storm.  The words he knows are "Travis", "light", "hot", "balloon" and "moo".  He still shows us that he is "so big" and will clap.  His new favorite is to point and say "that".  He is such a blessing and his giggle can brighten your day.  Tim has finished up his early winter run of farm shows, spent some time out on the snowmobile, and his team placed 2nd in their division at the State Dart Tournament. 

Happy Boy!

I can clap!

Just being my silly self.

I love my baths!