Monday, November 16, 2009

The Catch Up Post

It's been a while since I posted.  We have been keeping quiet busy the last few weeks.  

Halloween was fun.  We carved pumpkins the night before and made pumpkin seeds.  I cooked a pumpkin the next day and froze it to make pumpkin pie out of in the future.  I spent Halloween day scrapbooking with my sister-in-law Lindsay and Tim went to a cattle show with his brothers.  We headed up to the bars for a little while to enjoy the costume party.  I am not quiet sure what either of us were but Tim did have a good time scaring people because they couldn't figure out who he was.

We have had a couple more doctor appointments.  We had our ultrasound and got to see the little one.  No, we didn't find out what it is.  We did get lots of pictures of its feet though, as it was busy kicking them.  Everything looked good from what they can see so far.

We went home the first weekend in November.  It was a good trip, except for the ride down, being carsick for 4.5 hours is no fun.  I am not sure who it was worse for me or Tim having to listen to me complain.  We enjoyed the great weather and helped Dad bring home calves and get the combine running.

Other than that we are busy playing musical rooms in our house.  Which reminds how much I hate moving things and leaves me wondering where I got so much stuff.  Tim is anxious to get a start on the baby's room so that will be the next project after we get everything organized.

Have a Great Week!