Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Cold Week

Winter has arrived. It snowed started snowing last Friday and has snowed on and off this past week. However, there hasn't been enough snow to get the snowmobile out :( It has melted within a few hours of arrival.

We haven't done to much lately. We did go out for dinner and a movie at the cheap theater on Friday. Tim was happy to see I didn't pick a chic flick and enjoyed The Hangover. Our weekend was quiet boring as I had to work. Tim did brave the cold and went and watched our nephew Geoff play flag football. Even though I did hear he and Vanessa had some good bonding time in the car with a bag of candy :)

All is well with the baby. We went to the doctor yesterday and everything was good. Tim isn't to impressed with the 2 pounds I lost but I am sure I will gain it back. We also got our flu shots and scheduled the ultrasound for our next appointment. It should align with when they get the H1N1 shots so I can get that all done at the same time.

Have a good weekend!